How to set up MetaMask


Video shows how to install MetaMask to your web browser and then connect your My Blockchain Life account BLOCKX token mining rig/s to your to MetaMask.

Once this is set up you will not see your mined tokens until they are actually mined from a block. When this happens you will see the tokens appear in lots of 100,000. If for example, your rig has hit and mined 2 blocks you will see 200,000 tokens and so on. If you have more than 1 miner it may be that one miner will hit 2 blocks before the second miner hits its first. Do not be alarmed by this – it’s not possible to predict the activity and ‘luck’ and individual miner might have in any particular time frame.

There is a ‘Not Connected’ message that will display in the top left corner. Don’t worry about this – it’s only to do with the webpage you were on before you opened the MetaMask dropdown for viewing so just ignore this.

MetaMask uses a BIP-44 12-word seed phrase to generate your accounts, so you can enter any valid 12-word seed phrase into MetaMask and use the accounts that are associated with it.