Clear United Cell Phone

The world first truly decentralized cellphone

ClearPHONE 220

ClearPHONE 220
From $64.87 AUD / month

DISPLAY - 15.46 cm / 6.088inch HD+IPS

CAMERA - Rear : 13MP+2MP+2MP Front : 8MP

PROCESSOR - 1.8 GHz 8 Cores


ClearPHONE 420

ClearPHONE 420
From $129.75 AUD / month

DISPLAY - 16.02cm / 6.3inch FHD+IPS

CAMERA - Rear : 48MP+8MP+2MP Front : 16MP

PROCESSOR - 2.0 GHz 8 Cores


ClearPHONE 620

ClearPHONE 620
From $194.62 AUD / month

DISPLAY - 18.08cm / 7.12inch FHD+IPS

CAMERA - Rear : 48MP+8MP+2MP Front : 16MP

PROCESSOR - 2.0 GHz 8 Cores


  • Take back your right to digital privacy

    For too long your personal information has been stolen and traded by Big Tech and Globalists. ClearUnited cell phones and other Clear products will help you take back your privacy.

  • Protect your children from inappropriate content

    Harmful content such as pornography, violent games, films and video with content that is unsuitable or dangerous including subliminal messages can be filtered and blocked to reduce exposure to young people.

  • Be a master of technology not a slave

    Most of us use technology on a daily basis for work, social, research and learning. ClearUnite cell phones and other devices make your daily life easier and smoother.

  • Reduce your dependence on Big Tech

    Its time to say goodbye to Big Tech providers that don’t care about your rights or privacy, your childrens safety or your future. They want to keep you trapped in operating systems that allow them to steal and sell your data.

  • Influence others and be rewarded

    Become an influencer and share the joy of decentralized mobile devices that keep your privacy. As you spread the good word and people come on board you will be rewarded. As other people share they too will benefit.

  • Use your favorite apps or go Clear

    You can continue using your favorite apps with improved privacy or go all the way when you swap them out for the equivalent completely secure and private ClearApps

  • Feel good about where the profits go to

    You can choose to give some or all of your profits to charity. After covering costs ClearUnited give the remainder of profits to there chosen charitys

ClearPhone Introduction video

Clear United Cellphones are decentralized which means your account is controlled by you alone.

Your native information and data is completely secure and cannot be accessed by any agency or outside organization without your consent.

You can use your existing SIM card and network provider.

You can continue to use your existing apps (they will still  information outside of the phone environment)


You can also swap over to Clear Apps for complete privacy, security, and peace of mind.

The Clear Apps are also built on a decentralized system that won't allow third-party access to your data so you can connect, communicate, and share on your terms.

Handset security is dealt with by various metric and biometric means. Identification is done through passwords,  finger print, seed phrase, eye and facial recogntion.

Technology should be responsible and empower us to become better. ClearUnited builds technology that helps us to all take back our digital lives and be safe out on the Internet.
Buy products that make a difference

Once you are a member of the ClearUnited clan you can use your referral code with Friends and Family. To join us in digital freedom  click here:

After you are joined and have purchased you will get discounts and cash back when you share and others in your circle of influence join and purchase.

ClearUnited donates 100% of the company profits to help global causes designed to level the playing field for people all over the world.

ClearUnited is designed to give as much credit to its Influencers as possible. Creating your 'Circle of Influence' (Circle 1 to Circle 7) is as simple as referring your Circle of Friends to buy products they'll love. As friends refer friends, Influencers qualify for greater Circles of Influence and earn more commission. The best part? Clear donates the rest to Charity.

Michael Proper,  Founder - ClearUnited
Our Collective Mission

ClearUnited provides the opportunity for people to succeed by simply sharing product they use with people they love. Tens of thousands of families and individuals now compete directly with major technology companies - and win! When customers purchase ClearUnited products each month, profits from those sales go directly to families rather than to large corporations. Most ClearUnited customers just want great products and their bills paid for, and thats ok with us. We believe in a world where we all work together, United as One, to see the change we all have hoped for. United, we can.

CLEAR philosophy and principles


We are determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality through self-sufficiency and charity.


We are determined to unite Humankind around the principles of love, charity, faith in humanity, and stewardship to profoundly transform our lives and the world for the better.


We are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature and each other.


We are determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Where sustainable development and responsible technology deployment brings forth peace and wellbeing.


We are determined to empower sustainable resource consumption and production by enabling humankind with technologies that enable local stewardship and make progress toward renewing the earth.