Beurax Algo-trading

Blockchain Short Contract Investment Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity to potentially earn a regular high-end income. This system used cutting edge blockchain funding, trading, and contract technology. This project is a pioneering use of blockchain technology. It is essentially a trading platform that gives a set ROI on a daily basis.

Deposit USD, Bitcoin, or Etherium to your account - depending on the amount invested there is a fixed term ranging from 15 to 45 days. The higher the amount the longer it stays in deposit and the higher the daily rate it earns. Daily returns are from 1.4% to 1.8%. Once your cryptocurrency is deposited  you can select to invest it as USD, BTC, or ETH.

The deposit investment amount can be from the minimum of $20 for 15 days @ 1.4% per day non-compounding ($4.20 dividend); up to as much as 10 BTC for 45 days non compounding @ 1.6% yielding a total ~$136,880 dividend and lots of affordable options in between. Below the video there is a table showing a detailed outline of the ROI for the various currencies, daily percentages, and entry levels.

The above description is only one of are several ways to profit in Beurax. Some investments with longer contract periods earn up to 4.2% daily. There is a table at the bottom of this page with a list of the Return Swap entry points. To see all the exciting options including Currency Swaps and Commodity Swaps create a free no-obligation account at Beurax now.

For more information email [email protected] or click here to get started:

You can watch some short corporate information videos on the official Beurax channel at YouTube.

The below is a transcript from the promotional intro video from Beurax.

"The company specializes in cryptocurrency trading the main part of the company's assets is concentrated on the exchanges BINANCE, COINBASE, BITTREX, HUOBI, BITFINEX, KRAKEN, OKEX, PAXFUL, and INDODAX. The main advantage of the company is the high speed of getting quotes directly from the stock markets and cryptocurrency exchanges in other words Beurax receives information about trades faster than other companies which allows our trading bots to make thousands of short-term trades every day with maximum profit ratio and minimal risk.

The company has developed a special website,, thanks to which anyone from anywhere in the world can become a client of the company in just a few minutes and get a guaranteed profit every day.

After registering on the Beurax website you will be able to learn more about the company's activities its strategies analytic methods terms of cooperation and ways to make a profit for customers the site also provides information about the types of investment portfolios referral system and bonus program for network business representatives in addition to access to the main site Beurax provides customers with the opportunity to monitor all the company's trading operations online on its own Beurax trading platform. On this platform, customers can monitor the company's progress and track the results of profit for each transaction made. You can also use this platform to generate a report on the company's profits for any period you're interested in. As a customer of Beurax you will discover completely new opportunities in the field of finance - welcome to the Beurax team!"

If you wish to do some due diligence it may be useful to watch this video >> The people who created the webinar did their own due diligence on the Beurax investment opportunity and outline how you might also do this yourself.

The table below outlines one of the entry points for investment. There are several other exciting options which you can discover at

USD 1.4% Total Return Swaps 1 - Min: 20 USD / Max: 500 USD x 15 bus. days @ Daily 1.4% = Total 21%

USD 1.5 % Total Return Swaps 2 - Min: 500 USD / Max: 1000 USD x 20 bus. days @ Daily 1.5% = Total 30%

USD 1.6 % Total Return Swaps 3 - Min: 1000 USD / Max: 2500 USD x 25 bus. days @ Daily 1.6% = Total 40%

USD 1.7 % Total Return Swaps 4 -  Min: 2500 USD / Max: 5000 USD x 30 bus. days @ Daily 1.7% = Total 51%

USD 1.8 % Total Return Swaps 5 - Min: 5000 USD / Max: 10000 USD x 35 bus. days @ Daily 1.8% = Total 63%

BTC 1.4 % Total Return Swaps 1 - Min: 0.001 BTC / Max: 0.5 BTC x 20 bus. days Daily @ 1.4% = Total 28%

BTC 1.5 % Total Return Swaps 2 - Min: 0.5 BTC / Max: 2 BTC x 30 bus.days Daily @ 1.5% = Total 45%

BTC 1.6 % Total Return Swaps 3 - Min: 2 BTC / Max: 10 BTC x 45 bus. days Daily @ 1.6% = Total 72%

ETH 1.4 % Total Return Swaps 1 - Min: 0.1 ETH / Max: 5 ETH x 20 bus. days Daily @ 1.4% = Total 28%

ETH 1.5 % Total Return Swaps 2 - Min: 5 ETH / Max: 20 ETH x 30 bus. days Daily @ 1.5% = Total 45%

ETH 1.6 % Total Return Swaps 3 - Min: 20 ETH / Max: 50 ETH x 45 bus. days Daily @ 1.6% = Total 72%

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