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What is My Blockchain Life Team?
The Blockchain Life Team started out in August 2020 as a small group of 'early adopters' that decided to get on board a unique mining opportunity to mine for a new coin - Blockx.  That part is now becoming history!
Since then other investment opportunities (mainly in the Crypto space) have been presented to us. With due diligence, some of these have looked good for ROI and risk versus reward. This approach has enabled us to diversify and hedge some of the risks inherent in any investment programs or platforms. The Blockchain Life Team has evolved and now is able to support each other on the path toward financial independence.

We share these opportunities because we know that many of our friends (and people in general) are looking at how to protect their hard-earned money from the government, tax, and banks - and also see growth. Most of us want to reduce the necessity and dependence of going to work every day just to survive - let alone gain financial and time freedom. Into the future of global government and the enforcement of digital currency, those with more funds in a form that is protected, readily available, and easily traded, will be able to act and change life direction with more flexibility and agility than those locked into, and therefore controlled by, the old establishment system.

"Too Good to be True"?

When you start  to explore alternative ways to keep your money safe, invest, and build wealth you will definitely see a number of schemes that look 'too good to be true' and on many occasions this will certainly turn out to be the case.

However the overall belief in the old chestnut 'if it looks too good to be true then it probably is'  does not necessarily play out. Is it possible that the super wealthy actually do not want the rest of us to know their secret and share in the bounty? Is it possible that the old adage is simply part of the programming and propaganda created to keep us enslaved and working till we shuffle off? The wealthy seem to be able to keep and grow their assets and yet we can sense a great divide between the ease of this and our own daily grind.

The idea that there are 'have and have nots' is ingrained in our psyche and is a difficult dogma to shake - especially after centuries of programming. The journey that the Blockchain Life Team are on includes coming to terms with a number of concepts that seem outrageous or impossible.

The Aquarian Age of Abundance

We have determined that it should not just be the rich who get to benefit from the new order of crypto currencies and artificial intelligence trading algorithms. The Great Awakening is no coincidence - the Age of Aquarius is upon us and the feminine aspect that manifests love, protection, security, abundance, safety and the magic of quantum field of infinite possibility are powerfully in play.

Over centuries, our belief in, and ability to 'manifest' has been stolen from us by globalists hell-bent on keeping us suppressed and repressed. However and despite these efforts to control and contain us we are waking up to the reality of our place in the cosmic array.

For the record our most adventurous friends and investors are women who overerstand that to give is to receive and that to imagine and dream is to create reality. The men out there (myself included) need to trust the natural instincts of the women around us. Their instincts are primed for this new age and in these times we need overcome the often masculine tendency to mistrust without proof. If we don't the rich will just keep on getting richer and humanity will continue to founder in slavery and poverty. Money is simply energy and we can manifest and harness it just like any other vibrational frequency.

If you are ready to move away from scarcity towards a place of conscious abundance you are welcome to join our discussion. We enjoy looking for opportunities to flourish and to connect with our tribe and we look forward to you contacting us >>

Currently we are involved with the following projects:
  • BlockX Coin Token Mining Operation

  • BlockX Exchange Algo-trading & Options

  • Clear Cell Decentralized Phone Products